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Virtual Care Platform for Behavioral Health

To meet the needs of all Behavioral Health patients without adding staff or other costly resources, health systems are turning to EmOpti and our Virtual Care Platform.

Interested in learning how EmOpti’s Virtual Care Platform could help your Behavioral Health providers improve their productivity?

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Scale Your Behavioral Health Services with Telehealth

Advanced queuing and routing functionalities drive the efficiency and intelligence behind our Virtual Care Platform. These capabilities make EmOpti the optimal solution for managing a growing influx of Behavioral Health cases across entire health systems.

Meet Needs of Growing Behavioral Health Patient Population

EmOpti’s Virtual Care Platform empowers health systems to accommodate all Behavioral Health patient needs with existing staff and facility resources.

Decrease Wait Times for Psych Consults & Improve Patient Satisfaction

Many facilities in the U.S. have Behavioral Health patients waiting for hours to speak with a psychiatrist. This is a multi-faceted health issue EmOpti solves.


Our Team

EmOpti is comprised of software engineers and physicians with decades of experience.

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