The Future of Acute Care

Meta-Level Patient Analytics Combined with Telemedicine Interventions to Empower Your Providers


Instead of using the same basic care model that has been used for decades, EmOpti leverages the same meta-level oversight used in the financial, manufacturing, and airline industries to modernize the delivery of care.

As providers grapple with unprecedented patient volumes and rigorous regulatory standards, EmOpti's Command Center Medicine provides a scalable solution to deliver high quality, lower cost care.



Serve Multiple Facilities Simultaneously
& Match Your Provider Resources with Patient Volumes

Thousands of patients per week see a remote physician with EmOpti during their acute care experience. This leads to drastic improvements in satisfaction (average 98% patient satisfaction) and decreases patient length of stay (average 25% decrease in LOS).


Remote Provider Side

Patient Side


The EmOpti Effect
Benefits of Using the EmOpti Command Center


Serve Multiple Facilities Simultaneously with One Provider


Match Resources with Patient Volume (e.g. Surges)


Decrease L.O.S. with Immediate Physician Orders


Decrease Wait Times & Increase Patient Satisfaction


Efficiently Service Your Care Network to Improve Financial Outcomes


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Command Center Overview

The EmOpti Command Center equips your remote providers with everything they need to analyze and intervene across your entire care network.


1: Protocol Server

2: Telemedicine Intervention

3: Waiting Room Surveillance

4-5: Multiple Hospital EMRs

6: Meta-level, Predictive Patient Analytics


Who uses EmOpti?
EmOpti Improves Care Models Across the Acute Care Spectrum


EmOpti in the News

Media coverage spanning from EmOpti's founding to their presence at ACEP makes it clear: EmOpti's scalable Command Center approach is a much needed innovation in today's inefficient and costly healthcare environment.

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