Optimize Patient Flow in Your ED

The EmOpti Command Center Includes Patent-Pending Technology for Your Clinicians

The EmOpti Command Center solution allows emergency departments to handle high patient volumes every day and also respond efficiently to unpredictable surges in patient flow. By going remote with the physician in triage model, EmOpti can scale the benefits across entire emergency medicine networks.

Core Success Metrics with EmOpti


Remote EmOpti Consults in Triage per Week


Average Patient Satisfaction Rate with EmOpti


Decrease in Door-to-Doc Time with EmOpti


Decrease in Left Without Being Seen Rate


EmOpti Improves Patient & Staff Satisfaction

"EmOpti allows us to get orders started immediately, treat patients faster and get results back quicker."

"Patients are amazed with the technology and it makes my job more fulfilling."

Triage Nurses, EmOpti Users


"Optimizing Emergency Medical Care" [Case Study]

Read about how EmOpti significantly improved CMS metrics for a care network in Wisconsin and revitalized multiple emergency departments.

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Our Story

Learn about the problem and solution that sparked the EmOpti Command Center approach and ultimately brought together a team of committed healthcare professionals.

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Contact Us

Our team is always open to educating people on the benefits of Command Center Medicine. Reach out and we would be happy to give you a demo and more information.