EmOpti's Lighthouse Program

EmOpti is accepting three more Lighthouse Partnerships to pilot the EmOpti Command Center solution in 2017.

If you're interested in learning how your care network could improve patient flow with EmOpti, reach out to us.

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"Optimizing Emergency Medicine"


Improved Success Metrics with EmOpti


Decrease in Door-to-Doc Wait Time with EmOpti


Decrease in Overall Patient Length of Stay (LOS) with EmOpti


Average Patient Satisfaction with EmOpti


"Optimizing Emergency Medical Care"
[Case Study]

Learn how a hospital network in Wisconsin participated in EmOpti's Lighthouse Program and optimized their patient flow in the ER with Command Center Medicine.

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"The Future of Acute Care: Command Center Medicine"
[White Paper]

Read about how Command Center Medicine came to be, the best practices with the EmOpti solution and examples of the impact EmOpti can have on financial and clinical metrics for care networks.

Command Center Medicine Whitepaper
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