The EmOpti Mission

To help providers deliver higher quality, more efficient care by leveraging meta-level oversight and telemedicine interventions.


The Problem:
Demand Outstripping Supply

For decades, the same inefficient care model has been used across emergency departments, urgent care and the rest of acute care.

Demand for affordable, high quality care increasingly outweighs the resources available for delivering care of that caliber. This imbalance has severe side effects:

  • Wait times are too high
  • Patients and staff are frustrated
  • Costs for both providers and patients are astronomically high

Given the high prices paid by patients, and the high overhead costs paid by provider organizations, in the world of emergency care, expectations for quality should be high.

Yet, the quality is certain to get worse unless providers adopt new care models.

The Solution:
More Efficient Use of Resources

The EmOpti Command Center solution is a highly effective, scalable approach to solving the growing problem of demand outstripping supply.

To adopt a remote physician approach for delivering care across hospitals and urgent care networks is just as beneficial for providers as it is for patients.

  • Match resources to patient volume
  • Hit target CMS metrics (e.g. LWOBS rate)
  • Physician groups keep contracts
  • Increase patient satisfaction (98% average)

EmOpti has developed the tools and achieved exceptional improvements in clinical and financial outcomes for a variety of care settings, effectively modernizing the delivery of care.

Affordable, high quality care can now be delivered across entire care networks.


Who is using the EmOpti Command Center? 


Our Management Team

The team behind the EmOpti Command Center approach is committed to reshaping the way care is delivered to fit today's healthcare needs.

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