Intelligently Designed for Simple, Many-to-Many Consults

Despite the intricate inner-workings of EmOpti technology, we pride ourselves on an ultra-simple user experience that allows easy management of thousands of daily telemedicine consults.

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Dynamic Capacity Management for Your Health System

EmOpti helps combat the often unpredictable fluctuations in ED patient volume by making it easy to load balance across different care teams, add or subtract on site or remote staff to help with various processes, and visualize the effect through a series of dashboards.


Read about the Decades Old Problem EmOpti Addresses

EmOpti was built to address a decades old problem in healthcare: matching capacity (space, staff) with variable patient arrivals. This problem is pervasive across the acute care spectrum and impacts millions of people every year.

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Data-Driven Virtual Care Across Your Health System

By moving your providers off-site in an EmOpti-powered command center, every decision and intervention is carefully calculated with data ranging from system-wide metrics to individual patient history.

EmOpti Interface EMR Integration

Seamless EMR Integration

Configured to act as an extension of the EMR for both the Requestor and the Responder, EmOpti is seamlessly integrated so all information is accessible. No redundant data entry tasks are needed to sync EmOpti consult requests or responses with the EMR.

EmOpti Interface Security

Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

Our Virtual Care Platform is built with security and compliance as a number one priority. Built on a secure foundation, our platform is able to give our customers peace of mind as they roll it out across their health systems.

Watch How We Train New Users in 3 Minutes

Training for new users is simple: follow your normal workflow and click a few buttons.


The EmOpti Product & Service Suite

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EmOpti Requestor

The EmOpti Requestor consists of the nurse device, patient device and software that empowers nurses and techs to efficiently manage fluctuating patient volumes.

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EmOpti Responder

The EmOpti Responder is software that is installed on a remote station staffed by your providers. The EmOpti Responder is designed for maximum productivity.

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EmOpti Insights

EmOpti Insights consist of strategically selected real-time patient flow metrics, allowing the EmOpti Responder to monitor and take action across multiple facilities.

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