Empower Your Physicians & Optimize Delivery of Care

Decrease cost of delivering care. Improve quality metrics. Keep your contracts (and get new ones).

The EmOpti Command Center solution allows your physicians to remotely evaluate patient flow across your entire care network and intervene when and where resources are needed.

Core Success Metrics with EmOpti


Average Training Needed for New EmOpti Users (min.)


Average Patient Satisfaction Rate with EmOpti


Decrease in Door-to-Doc Time with EmOpti


Decrease in Length of Stay (Inpatient) with EmOpti


"Optimizing Emergency Medical Care" [Case Study]

Read about how EmOpti significantly improved CMS metrics for a care network in Wisconsin and empowered a group of physicians to reach their optimal productivity.

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The Changing Environment for Physician Groups

Increasing Patients EmOpti Icon.png

Increasing Patient Volumes

Decreasing Staff EmOpti Icon.png

Increasing Physician Shortages

Increasing Regulations EmOpti Icon.png

Higher Standard of Care Required

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Performance-based Compensation

Winning Physician Icon EmOpti.png

Winning Physician Groups

High performing physician groups are more likely to satisfy patients, attract and retain doctors, attract and retain hospital contracts, and in the end, drive more revenue for their practice.

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How EmOpti Helps Physician Groups Adapt

  1. Enabling Efficient Throughput - It's easier to attract and retain doctors to work in ERs and high tech environments that operate smoothly.
  2. Improving Clinical Metrics - Optimizing LOS and LWOBS directly impacts patient and hospital satisfaction with your practice.
  3. Improving Financial Outcomes - Moving providers off-site in a command center results in both realizing incremental revenue and saving staff costs.

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Our Story

Learn about the problem and solution that sparked the EmOpti Command Center approach and ultimately brought together a team of committed healthcare professionals.

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Contact Us

Our team is always open to educating people on the benefits of Command Center Medicine. Reach out and we would be happy to give you a demo and more information.