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Lightning Fast Patient Flow

Integrated virtual and on-site care enables patients to see a clinician and be on their way faster than ever before.

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Boost the Bottom Line

With a remote doctor seeing patients at multiple hospitals, you get a big cost savings and more efficient use of resources.

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Manage the Chaos

Real-time analytics help you anticipate the right decisions and stop getting overwhelmed.

High Volume


Remote Consults

Less Waiting


Decrease in Waits

Happier Patients


Satisfaction Rating

Financial Impact


Annual ROI


Integrated Across Health Systems


Emergency Department

Urgent Care

Behavioral Health



“Our remote providers see double the patients they used to see. Bottom line is patients are happier and our staff is happier.”

Paul Coogan MD FACEP
President, Emergency Services | Advocate Aurora Health

Powerful Capabilities Revolutionizing Care Delivery


✔ Built for speed and volume

✔ Easy to use

✔ Seamless EMR integration

✔ Enterprise scalability

✔ Real-time predictive analytics

✔ Comprehensive reporting

✔ AI decision support

✔ Robust command centers

✔ Mobile patient carts

✔ Language interpretation

✔ Multi-facility coordination

✔ Queue management system

✔ Optimized call routing

✔ One-click consults

✔ Staffing corrections

✔ Surge assistance

✔ Quick test ordering

✔ Boarding predictions

✔ Rapid discharge

✔ 99.995% uptime reliability

✔ HIPAA-compliant security

✔ User authentication

✔ Fully encrypted

✔ Audit logging

✔ 24/7 support

✔ Customized alerts

✔ Team messaging

✔ Fast implementation and training