Optimize Urgent Care Staffing & Operations

Surge Response. High Quality, Cost-Effective Assessments. Patient Transfer Management.

Given the shortage of physicians but continuing increase of demand for high quality and low cost care, new models of staffing urgent care clinics are needed. EmOpti allows you to staff your urgent care network with an optimal combination of provider types, cost-effectively scaling your physician staff with a remote model.

EmOpti & Urgent Care by the Numbers


Growth in Urgent Care Sites Over Last 4 Years


Current Shortage of Physicians in U.S.


Increase in Patient Satisfaction with EmOpti


Increase in EBITDA per Clinic with EmOpti


Surge Response

EmOpti allows every single urgent care clinic in your network to handle unexpected surges with physician oversight, but without staffing a physician at each location.

Standardized Discharge

Having a smooth discharge process is directly correlated to clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Command Center providers answer questions and arrange proper follow up care.

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Transfer Management

With meta-level oversight of multiple facilities, remote Command Center providers help local staff determine where the best location is for every patient in transition.


"Optimizing Urgent Care with Command Center Oversight"
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EmOpti is comprised of software engineers and physicians with decades of experience.

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