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How COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Health Innovation

August 3, 2020

Many challenges in the healthcare industry have existed for decades. Inefficient care models, dependence on expensive staff and space resources - the list goes on. The industry’s adoption of digital solutions, such as telehealth, to address these challenges has been a long, drawn out transformation. That is until COVID-19.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, hospitals were forced to digitize as much of their operation as possible, both to cut costs as well as protect providers and patients. Telehealth solutions like EmOpti found themselves skyrocketing to priority number one of health systems around the globe.

Given this accelerated evolution of digital health, how has that affected investment in the space? How have hospitals leveraged digital solutions to reduce exposure, decrease costs and improve the quality of care during a pandemic?

Below are a few recent publications that highlight the ever-changing landscape of digital health in a world of superbugs like COVID-19.

“Digital Health Funding Hits Another High Mark for 2020” (MedCityNews)

”How Hospital ERs are Slashing Wait Times with Telehealth” (Definitive Healthcare)

“At Jefferson Health, a Success Story Around ED Teletriage That Offers Hope in the Emerging COVID-19 Pandemic” (Healthcare Innovation)

Comparison of venture funding in the digital health space year over year (MedCityNews).
Comparison of venture funding in the digital health space year over year (MedCityNews).

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