Simple and Powerful Hybrid Virtual Workflows

Industry-leading solutions to speed patient flow and reach new levels of productivity in your health system.

From Data to Intelligence to Action


1. Data Curation

We host and manage an architecture that turns raw data from multiple sources into harmonized information you can trust, built specifically for EM, HM, and related processes and services.


2. Performance Analytics

Purpose-built analytics allows HCOs to pursue dynamic, productive, and high-impact performance improvement conversations that drive action and create value.


3. Clinical Workflow Optimization

Telehealth creates a “force multiplier” that allows you to dynamically expand or contract capacity to meet variable demand in real-time across locations and departments.


4. Machine Learning AI

Algorithms are developed organically based on the strategies and plans of the HCO. They are used to analyze workflows, diagnose problems and improve performance.

Virtual Workflow Optimization

EmOpti enables a move from the current fixed capacity model for each individual facility to a “system approach” – where variable capacity can adjust to meet the variable demand - both at the facility level and across the system.

In low volume scenarios EmOpti's additional remote provider capacity enables adjustments in staff levels without creating risk of problems associated with patient surges. In high volume scenarios the increased capacity improves patient flow and decreases safety risk. This new model also decreases risk of staff exposure to infectious disease and decreases demands on PPE supplies.

Clinical Workflow Modules Designed for In-Facility Telehealth

EmOpti workflows are purpose-built for in-hospital care scenarios, not just meeting their unique needs but taking their system's efficiency to a whole new level. Command Centers enable clinicians to have a broader reach delivering consistent, world-class care and supervision across multiple locations.

Virtual Team Telehealth Workflow

Flexible request-response workflow for teletriage and other use cases

Virtual Assistant Telehealth Workflow

Call in virtual scribes or specialists with escalation patterns

Virtual Bedside Telehealth Workflow

Virtual rounding to check on multiple patients in seconds

In-Facility Workflow Automation

The EmOpti Workflow Automation Platform supports 20+ in-facility workflows, all improving profitability and quality of care.  Remote Consults are able to triage patients from the control center doubling patient per hour speed and decreasing on-site staff costs by 20%.

Imagine No More Waits

Long wait times have always plagued hospitals. That's not how it has to be anymore. Let's work smarter, not harder.


75%+ Decrease in Wait Time at Busy Hospital

Health systems across the nation are slashing their wait times by leveraging our technology, resulting in better outcomes across the board.


Improved Patient/Provider Safety


Improved Productivity/Profitability


Improved Patient/Provider Satisfaction

Paul Coogan MD FACEP
President of the WI Emergency Medicine Division at AAH

“We trust EmOpti. They really care about our success. The implementation process went very smoothly and they’ve continued to be a key partner of ours.

The more we work with EmOpti, the more we feel like we were operating in the dark before. Now we can see things much more clearly. We feel good knowing we have a great foundation for the future.”

Judd Hollander MD
Senior Vice President of Healthcare Delivery Innovation at Thomas Jefferson University

“When a center closed on short notice, we absorbed a 25% increase in patient volume overnight while delivering quality care. We didn’t have time to hire more staff, so we relied on the tele-intake process.

We didn’t have to hire more staff, and we saved money. By using Emopti, Jefferson has been able to make back its LWBS revenue. Other hospitals may be able to achieve similar results.”

Melissa King, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-BC
Senior VP Client Services and Telehealth
Keystone Healthcare Partners

"Every step of the way, EmOpti has been a great partner with exceptional customer service. The system’s quick and easy configuration has accommodated all of our client facility and system workflow needs. Once it's operational, our clinicians readily recognize and commend the ease of use, leading to higher utilization and better quality outcomes."


Proven Results Across the Nation

High Volume
Remote Consults
Less Waiting
Decrease in Waits
Happier Patients
Satisfaction Rating
Financial Impact
Annual ROI
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