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The High Volume, High Speed Approach to Telehealth

May 6, 2019

For this post, I’d like to move beyond theoretical discussion and explain our approach while identifying use cases that result in 100,000’s of virtual patient encounters per year.

EmOpti partners with health systems to improve patient flow in a variety of acute care settings characterized by unscheduled visits that result in variable demand. EmOpti’s Virtual Care Platform for Patient Flow Optimization is a unique combination of workflow expertise, analytics, and virtual caregiver interventions that enable health systems to transform how patient care is delivered across their network. The result is higher efficiency, better patient and provider experience, improved patient safety, and positive financial results - all without increased staffing or expensive changes to physical plants.

The whole point is to move past occasional use of virtual health for “once-in-a-while” special situations.  Instead deploy virtual health in combination with on-site services to load balance across multiple facilities simultaneously and optimize flow for virtually every patient every day.

Examples of high volume acute care use cases include:

  1. ED Intake: Remote providers speed patient flow by interviewing patients and entering orders for testing and treatment at the triage stage at multiple facilities simultaneously.
  2. ED Rapid Discharge: Remote providers discuss diagnosis and discharge plans with patients to speed flow when on-site providers are busy caring for other patients.
  3. Urgent Care Oversight: Remote physicians collaborate with on-site urgent care clinicians to assure quality of care for high-risk patients, or patients being considered for transfer.
  4. Hospitalist Care: Remote hospitalists answer questions and discuss care plans with patients and families and provide oversight for on-site APPs.
  5. Behavioral Health: Behavioral health providers increase their capacity to efficiently respond to consult requests.
  6. Language Interpretation: Remote interpreters assist patients with language barriers, synchronized with other use cases above.

EmOpti collaborates with customers beginning with a detailed assessment of the current state of each department or facility. This starts with defining baseline measures for current performance metrics. Improvement opportunities are then identified regarding the patient care model, caregiver staffing, room configuration and workflow to optimize the department in tandem with the technology solutions.


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