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"They get a physicians consult right away and we can say this patient is having stroke symptoms and we've been able to get them to the back right away," said Dr. Paul Coogan, President, Aurora Health Care Emergency Division. 

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EmOpti's Triage Optimization Solution awarded "2017 Digital/Mobile Health Innovation of the Year" by board of health executives and experts as a part of the 2017 Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition.

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When a hospital shifts its ER to a remote provider-in-triage model, it brings changes for patients, nurses, and physicians. ... “Some of the older doctors have said, ‘I can’t do night shifts anymore,’” Coogan says. “Maybe this is something they could do to help extend their careers.

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MedStar's Ethan Booker says EmOpti "was very effective at decreasing the number of people who left without being seen" ... According to Booker, a 2 percent drop in the number patients who leave without being seen translates to about $1.4 million in annual revenue.

"The doctors work from a 'command center' where they can service three to four hospitals. So the organization can staff one doctor at the command center rather than a doctor at each of those locations."

"We were seeing a gradual increase in our door-to-provider times, and our overall length of stay, so we needed to come up with a solution to help address our increased demand."

EmOpti was one of three companies recognized for the "Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award" for "Disruptive Innovations in Acute Emergency Care: Aligning Payment with Delivery Reform."

For ACEP 2018 in San Diego, EmOpti will be showcasing the award-winning Command Center approach to improving the quality of care delivered and patient flow.