EmOpti News Stories

Numerous channels have covered the EmOpti story along our journey. Below are a few of our favorites.


"The doctors work from a 'command center' where they can service three to four hospitals. So the organization can staff one doctor at the command center rather than a doctor at each of those locations."

"We were seeing a gradual increase in our door-to-provider times, and our overall length of stay, so we needed to come up with a solution to help address our increased demand."

EmOpti was one of three companies recognized for the "Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award" for "Disruptive Innovations in Acute Emergency Care: Aligning Payment with Delivery Reform."

The EmOpti team was featured at the InnovatED exhibit at ACEP 2016 in Las Vegas. The Command Center approach stood out as the premiere solution for efficiently delivering care.

What is Command Center Medicine?

The Command Center Medicine approach improves quality outcomes and increases the financial performance for ERs and Urgent Care alike.

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